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Historic Review Survey
This survey is for owners of property in Armory Park who have used or reviewed the website The intent is for them to evaluate how helpful the website will be for those who contemplate a project of construction or alteration of a structure in Armory Park. If you have not yet evaluated the website, please do so and then return to this survey. Thank you for your interest.
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Have you reviewed the website *
Is the website well organized to present the required information?
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Well organized
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How would you improve the site's organization or appearance?
Is the information included sufficiently complete to help you with your project?
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Did the website provide better information about the historic review process compared to other available sources?
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What additional information should be included?
The primary duty of the board is to preserve historic structures in Armory Park. Do you feel the board should also help an applicant get through the review process smoothly?
Not at all
As much as practical
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Please offer your other comments about the historic review process, the board or any related subject.
Please provide your email address. We may contact you with requests for explanation of your responses to make sure we understand them fully.
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