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Python for Good Project Suggestions
We're SUPER stoked that you have a project to suggest!! Please submit one entry for EACH project suggestion. For example, in 2016 we worked on three projects for the Smithsonian; each project for the Smithsonian would get its own submission.
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Organization Name:
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Organization Website:
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What is the organization's mission/what do they do?
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Initial Organization Contact:
Please indicate the name and email address of someone at the organization who we can initially speak with about scope and scale of the project you/they have in mind.
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Project Idea:
Be as specific as possible - the more information we have, the better able we'll be to move the project to the next level! Think details: what problem is this project intended to solve? Is it something a team can complete during the event? Who specifically is it intended to help (customer-facing, utilized internally, etc.)?
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Do you want to lead this project?
Would you be willing to lead this project?
Anything else you'd like us to know?
Any background information you think we'd find helpful? Your involvement in the project (current volunteer, family member, acquaintance, etc.)? How you came to discover it? Anything you think we'd find helpful, feel free to add here!
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