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Psychological Networks Amsterdam Winter School 2019
Event Timing: January 28th - February 1st, 2019
Event Address: University of Amsterdam
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(Please include your country code; this is required in order to receive internet access for the winter school – you credentials will be sent via SMS message)
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I would like my phone number to be added to a WhatsApp group for winter school participants *
Previous participants to the summer and winter school enjoyed having a WhatsApp group for easier communication, going out together etc. If you would like this please let us know by answering "yes" to the question below – unless you specifically do so, you will not be included in the group and you mobile phone number will be kept confidential.
I would like to attend the dinner on Thursday evening, for an extra cost of 55€ *
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I am interested in sharing accommodation with other winter school participants *
If you would like to share e.g., a hotel or airbnb with other winter school participants please let us know here. We will then make your email addresses available to each other, so that you can discuss and arrange this. Please note that we cannot provide you with shared accommodation, you will have to find something together.
How did you find out about PNAWS 2018? *
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What do you expect from PNAWS 2018?
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How familiar are you with R? *
Please note that basic knowledge of R is required (we will make available a video-lecture and materials to learn R; you are expected to watch the video and practice the exercises in your own time, before the winter school).
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