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Kirkpatrick Challenge
This challenge is an opportunity to help us ensure that we are providing quality programming while allow you to share what you have applied in a work setting.

How does it work?
Like many organizations, we utilize Level 1 of the Kirkpatrick Model to obtain your initial reaction to our event or program. The Kirkpatrick Challenge moves past those "smile sheets" (Level 1) and Level 2 (did learning occur) to Levels 3 (did this event or program influence your behavior) and 4 (did this event or program impact your business).

Why participate?
Earn chapter recognition for the great work you are doing with your organization or personal clients.
Make your job as a chapter member easier by learning from other chapter member experiences.
Share your knowledge and organizational learning with other members.
Share your success stories with other members and borrow others' successful ideas - it makes us all better! SHARE - Submitting Helps Achieve Recognition and Excellence.
Earn a cash prize - up to $250.00

A committee chosen by Richmond ATD’s board will review each submission. They will utilize a rubric to score the submission in each of the following areas:
Needs Identification – 20%
Design Approach – 20%
Evaluation Strategy – 20%
Results – 35%
Knowledge Shared/Lessons Learned – 5%

Please note – word count is the maximum number of words for each category.
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