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Project Reveal's Girls: Embrace Your Body Model Application 2017. Girls 4-15
Embracing and loving our bodies is a conversation that needs to be ongoing. It's vital to start these conversations early. Embrace Your Body is about loving and embracing our bodies TODAY! That doesn't mean stop achieving, gaining, loosing, accepting or whatever else you want for your body. It means allow yourself to love you today.

Let's teach girls to respect their bodies, be kind to themselves, love who they are and give others grace. This is not easy, we must constantly work on it.

Girls: Embrace Your body pairs a team of seven high school/college-aged young ladies, who are interested in photography, with seven professional photographer mentors to photograph 14 girl models.

The girls' photos will express who they are, their interests, and how they feel about themselves.

NOTE: All applicants must be available for the photo shoot on the morning of Saturday, September 9.

These photos will be displayed at our Girls: Embrace Your Body event on October 21.

Email Stacey Godbold at with any questions.

What is the Girls: Embrace Your Body event?
The Fourth Annual Girls: Embrace Your Body event will be held on October 21 and is sponsored by The Women's Hospital. The event is for girls of all ages. We have fun and inspiring activities for girls and their parents/guardians, including:

* Girls:Embrace Your Body is the showcase for our Junior Photography Exhibit. All seven photographers, and 14 models will be highlighted at this event!
* Positive self-esteem and body image activities
* Photo Booth
* PR Boutique
* Refreshments

What are the details?
With your approval, please have your daughter fill out this questionnaire to be a model.

We will randomly choose the models on August 3rd and notify you of all the photo shoot details then.

Parent or Guardian First and Last name:
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Girls First and Last Name
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Guardian Email address:
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Guardian Phone Number
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What is the girl's age?
Ask your daughter these questions:
What do you like most about yourself? And why?
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Is there something about your appearance that you don't like?
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What are your favorite hobbies, activities, and/or interests?
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All girls are different sizes, shapes and colors. Why is it important to you to celebrate our bodies and be kind to ourselves when we look in the mirror?
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