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CAA Co-op Gallery Questionnaire
We are searching for a space to establish a nonprofit co-op art/craft gallery in Concord. To help us better define the size and type of space we need, we're asking for input from CAA members.
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Are you interested in becoming an active member of a co-op gallery to sell your work?
Each co-op member must volunteer to work two 4-hour shifts per month (based on being open 32 hours per week, with two members working each shift). Can you commit to that?
We are actively fundraising and soliciting charitable donations so we can have 6-8 months of operating expenses banked in advance of opening a gallery. What amount might you be willing to donate to become a charter member?
Each co-op member must pay monthly dues to have their work displayed in the gallery. Dues will most likely be tiered at $10, $20 or $30 per month (paid quarterly), based on the total retail value of your work for sale (lower-priced items = lower dues; higher-priced items = higher dues). There will also be an additional 15% commission on each sale paid to the gallery. Can you commit to these fees?
We'd like to offer art classes in the gallery to help artists earn money teaching. What type(s) of classes or workshops might you be interested in teaching?
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We'd like to offer working studio space to artists in the back of the gallery as a way to share the cost of rent. What kind of space might you be interested in subletting? Check all that apply.
We'd like to use the gallery as a hub for community arts outreach projects - such as working with youth, seniors, persons with disabilities, support groups, etc. Are you interested in additional volunteer opportunities like this?
Use this space to share any questions or suggestions you have - thank you!
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