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Works on Water on Governors Island: 2019
Building on our original work in 2018, Works on Water is again planning programming on Governors Island for 2019. The plan for 2019 is to host artists (as well as scientists, policy-makers, and other practitioners working with the water) for longer periods of time, as a way of beginning to build towards the second triennial which will take place in September 2020. Residents and Project artists are invited to work on a project related to a body of water that meets the specific criteria for Water Art (*see below for details). We have two possibilities for participation:

A Residency Space: spend 4 weeks in a dedicated studio space in the house; with the expectation that you would use the space approximately 20 hours/week and be present for 3 or 4 weekend days (Sat or Sun 11am-5pm) throughout the month. When you are not there during public hours, your work must be represented in the space somehow.***

A Project Space Opportunity: show a work-in-progress in order to workshop/make progress towards next steps. (one month for exhibition work or shorter, as needed, for performance-based work)

Please reply by April 8, 2019.
* Works on Water criteria:
The work must meet BOTH of the following:
1. The work self-defines, first and foremost, as art.
2. A body (or bodies) of water is central to the work's concept.
The work recognizes that water is alive and dynamic, and therefore experiential rather than representational. It must meet at least ONE of the following:
1. If object-based, a body of water (and/or its shorelines) is used as MATERIAL in the physical production of the work.
2. If time-based, a body of water and/or its shorelines is the SITE for the work, functioning as a "stage" and/or a central "character" embodies the temporality and/or spatiality of the work.

***Some things to be aware of about the houses on Governors Island:
There is no running water in our house; restrooms are off-site.
Electricity is limited and sporadic (no power tools but some video should be ok), there is limited WiFi in the residency space, and cell signal is generally weak on the island
Access to the space is 8am-6pm most days with some Friday and Saturday late-nights happening throughout the summer.
The buildings are beautiful old homes, with paint falling off the walls in many places. You will be working in a house with other artists and so some noise-bleed is inevitable.

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