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Sike AI - Data Science/Software Development Team Member Application
Sike is an enterprise software company combining cutting-edge machine learning with psychology to help businesses make better decisions. We use deep learning in order to extract individuals' psychological profile using 400+ words of text as the sole input.

LinkedIn URL:

A bit about us:
- StartupUCLA Blackstone Launchpad Summer Accelerator Program 2018
- Housed at UCLA, with locations at StartupUCLA's Blackstone Launchpad and Young Research Library
- One paying customer (Series B-level startup), with advanced talks for integration with businesses with up to 18,000 employees
- Carrying out multiple research studies with professors at UCLA and around the US
- Current team of students and fresh graduates from UCLA, UC Berkeley and Cornell University

Data Science/Natural Language Processing:
We are looking for talented, motivated students with some experience in statistics, machine learning or natural language processing. Given our research background, you would have a lot of data to play with, as well as the opportunity to potentially be published in reputable scientific journals.

Software Development:
We are in testing stage with a technology company valued at over $70bn, and we're looking for developers that can think on their feet and build high-quality enterprise integrations (Python/JavaScript APIs, Slack plugins, Salesforce plugins, and more) as we help build their internal tools.

Required Skills:
- Python
- Willingness to learn

Bonus Skills:
- TensorFlow, SKLearn, NumPy/SciPy
- Experience in building scalable data science solutions


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What you'd do at the different roles - Natural Language Processing: Use deep learning to improve our models that extract an individuals' personality traits along the Five-Factor Model using text as the sole input. Data Science: Use various different statistical techniques in order to help apply this understanding and provide businesses with actionable insights and analytics.
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