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Better Music Production at Home
For better music production at home, make sure you have a quiet isolated room. Make sure you don’t hear the computer, air conditioning, heater, traffic, family noises, etc.

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Making Electronic Music
Music Production Equipment- A Review
Put the mic stand on carpet and cover your music stand with a towel to avoid reflections. Use a shock mount. Don’t let the singer touch the mic or mic stand while recording.
Music Production Equipment
Making Electronic Music ConsolesUntitled title
Have the singer maintain a consistent distance from the mic while singing. Make sure there is no bleed from monitors in the control room. Make sure the singer is in a comfortable, private singing environment.
Musical Instuments At Home
Making Electronic Music at Home- A Summary
If your room is very live, put up some carpet, rug or towels on opposing walls to create diffusion. Find the mic that works best for your voice. Test all of the mics you have to find your favourite.
How Can Make Music At Home
Can we make music production at home?
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