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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Complaint Form
The City of Cedar Falls encourages the protection of our waterways. In order to protect the
quality of our rivers, lakes, ponds and streams, we must all take action to prevent
contamination from entering into our waterways and stormwater system. Anything that washes off our yards and
streets is capable of finding its way into a storm drain, which provides a direct connection to
waterways. In addition, any (direct or indirect) dumping of litter, yard waste or chemicals into storm
drains, waterways or on the banks of waterways is illegal. By reporting storm water, erosion
and runoff problems, you can help prevent pollution from entering our waterways. Fill out this online form to submit your complaint. You may also submit your complaint by phone at 319.273.8668 (answered 24 hours a day) or 319.268.5511. If you have a complaint that is not related to stormwater, please contact the City's Code Enforcement official, at
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