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Duke Faculty Union calls for fair treatment of ALL workers
Dear President Price, Provost Kornbluth, Vice President Cavanaugh, Vice Provost McMahon, Director Vaughn, Vice Provost Bennett, Dean McClain, and Director Rabil,
In this historic moment, we call on you to make concrete the assertion in Tallman Trask’s recent letter to the Duke community that contract workers “are equally valuable members of our community” by extending protections to ALL of them and not just those “who are currently assigned to work full-time,” a devastating caveat for the many workers who are not full-time.

As a contract worker reported to us about the March 18th letter:  "The tiny fraction of food service workers that meet the criteria for assistance as laid out in Trask’s statement is an insult to the workers who make campus life possible and to the entire Duke community."

Our union demands assurance that all workers—full or part time, Duke employees or contract workers—will be supported by the University. Workers should maintain their status and receive clear information from the university regarding their pay.  They should receive paid sick leave as well as receive pay for extended furloughs. Workers also deserve automatic reinstatement to their positions upon resumption of regular operations.

The Duke Faculty Union stands with all those who work at Duke. No one who works at Duke should suffer financial loss, whether they are technically a “Duke employee” or an employee of a contractor (food service, security, etc.) for Duke.  We recognize the unparalleled challenges of this time—both educational and financial—and call on the University to live up to its principles in protecting all members of our Duke community.

in solidarity,

Christopher Shreve, Instructor B in Biology
MJ Sharp, Lecturing Fellow in Center for Documentary Studies
Nancy Kalow, Lecturing Fellow in Center for Documentary Studies
Jim Haverkamp, Lecturing Fellow in Arts of the Moving Image
Steve Kaufmann, Instructor in Health, Wellness, and Physical Education
Eileen Anderson, Lecturing Fellow in Romance Studies
Rene Caputo, Instructor in Thompson Writing Program
Faulkner Fox, Lecturing Fellow in the English Department
Nora Hanagan, Visiting Assistant Professor, Political Science
Farrell Kersey, Lab Manager / Chemistry
Jennifer Curtis, Violin instructor  -music
Michal Bigman, Lecturer, AMES
Genna Miller, Lecturing Fellow in Economics
Rebecca Cary, Instructor B, Biology
Sandra Sotelo-Miller, Lecturing Fellow in the Thompson Writing Program
Kerry Ossi-Lupo, Lecturing Fellow in Thompson Writing Program
Margaret Swezey, Instructor in the Thompson Writing Program
Matthew Valnes, Instructor in the Thompson Writing Program
Zoe Isabella, Instructor B, Biology
Vasant Kaiwar, Visiting Associate Professor, Department of History
Gareth Price, Visiting Assistant Professor, Linguistics
Lindsey Smith, Lecturing Fellow, Thompson Writing Program
Randy Reed, Lecturer Music
Celia Perez-Ventura, Lecturing Fellow in Romance Studies (SLP)
Eleonora Sartoni, Instructor, Romance Studies
John Biewen, Instructor and audio director, Center for Documentary Studies
David Need, Lecturing Fellow in Religious Studies
Stephanie Holmer, Instructor B in Biology
Timothy B. Tyson, Senior Research Scholar, Center for Documentary Studies
Cathy Shuman, Lecturing Fellow, English Department
Pei-Fen Liu, Lecturer, Music Department
Harry Karahalios, Lecturing Fellow, Romance Studies
Amal Boumaaza, Arabic teaching Fellow, AMES
Leslie Maxwell, Instructor, Thompson Writing Program
Nathan Kalman-Lamb, Lecturing Fellow, Thompson Writing Program

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