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Better Shelter/Responsive Shelter Project Feedback Form-June 2019
This is a short questionnaire to document the reactions of residents in the Florida panhandle to the Better Shelter displayed at Florida State University-Panama City Campus Holley Center June 4-June 7, 2019 under the auspices of Rebuild Bay. For more information about the questionnaire or the Better Shelter, please contact us at
How did you learn about the Better Shelter?
Do you believe the Better Shelter will be of assistance to you or anyone you know in Bay County?
If you had a Better Shelter unit, what purpose(s) would you use it for?
What advantages do you see in the use of Better Shelter units?
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What concerns do you have about the Better Shelter unit?
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Do you believe local government should allow the use of the Better Shelter in post-hurricane recovery efforts?
Would you purchase a Better Shelter for your personal use? (The cost is about $1,250 in US currency). Note: The question is only to gauge interest. The units are not currently for sale or distribution in the United States or Canada.
Other thoughts and comments:
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If you would like to receive Better Shelter updates, please enter your email address or other contact information here:
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