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Nominations for NewMo Catalysts
Thank you for nominating someone to be a NewMo Catalyst!  NewMo Catalysts are a kind of "Community Board" for The New Modality.  At The New Modality, we:
• Showcase Catalysts with short profiles on The New Modality website, and speaking opportunities (if desired)
• Invite Catalysts to very tiiiny events (attendance is not required)
• Ask Catalysts to help us with small tasks, like fact-checking articles relevant to their expertise, or promoting stuff that might make sense for them to promote (Catalysts are *never* required to say yes to these requests)
• Request that Catalysts help us stay accountable to our values

(If you're familiar with journalism industry concepts like "Editorial Board" and "Public Editor:" these concepts informed our creation of the NewMo Catalysts.  On the other hand, most Editorial Boards operate behind the scenes, whereas we hope to publicly showcase the work of NewMo Catalysts.)

If you reached this page by accident and you don't know what NewMo is, you can learn more about The New Modality here: 
If you are trying to pitch an article or photo essay, or send us general ideas, or offer to volunteer with us, then you want this other form instead:
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