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Photographer (East)
If selected, the photographer will attend all (or most) of the east open mics (some at at Hula Hands in Mountain View and some at the Mountain View Library). The photographer will be in charge of taking pictures of the performers and event evenings in general. This person will then edit photos as necessary and email them to the social media manager and program director to post and archive. This person will also be required to attend one U21 Management Team meeting per quarter. Meeting times/dates ate tbd, depending on the team members' availability/schedules (we will work with you and find times that work for everyone, or most everyone, as best as we can).

This job requires communication and teamwork with the rest of the Management Team. We are looking for someone who is dependable, respectful, knows photography basics, and follows through on projects. Having a camera is preferred but not required for this position. If needed, one can be provided. Must be under twenty one years old to apply.
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Which date(s) are you interested in and available to be the photographer? (3rd Tuesday of each month, Oct- Apr)
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