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LOHAS STUDIO -樂活手造眼鏡報名表The reservation form of hand-made eyewear
其次,感謝您對於Lohas studio傳遞『當個有溫度的人』理念感到認同,如果您願意將包裝換成環保材質每一份手作眼鏡我們將與您共同捐贈新台幣100圓的基金幫助愛盲基金會的朋友;

*認識Lohas樂活眼鏡-隨著都市快速發展,伴隨而來的負面影響我們無法忽視,對於犧牲的健康與生態環境,需要社會大眾更多的關注, LOHAS 是英語 Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability 的縮寫,中文意思是以健康及可持續發展的型態過生活, 環境保護、節能減碳、資源再生、潔淨能源、公共衛生、食品安全、關懷公益…,有太多的議題值得我們一起去努力, 我們希望您在生活之中,只要一個無意識的簡單動作,就可以輕輕鬆鬆做到這些,替我們後代子孫貢獻一己之力, LOHAS 將健康、環保、永續經營的理念融入企業每一項產品,我們每一次與您的接觸,都將能改變這個世界。

*Lohas studio 地址:300新竹市北區中正路147號
*Lohas studio 電話:03-5241982
*Lohas studio 線上報名:
*Lohas 網站:

Dear customers:
First of all, thank you for your support for Lohas;
Secondly, thank you for agreeing with the Lohas studio's concept of "being a person with love". If you are willing to change the packaging into eco-friendly materials, we will donate NT$100 to help the friends of Taiwan Foundation for the blind;
Finally, read the event description and fill in your registration information below, please.

Recognizing LOHAS EYEWEAR - With the rapid development of the city, the negative effects that accompany it can not be ignored. For the sacrifice of health and ecological environment, more attention needs to be paid to the public. LOHAS is the abbreviation for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. It means living in a healthy and sustainable way, environmental protection, energy conservation and carbon reduction, resource recycling, clean energy, public health, food safety, caring for public welfare... There are too many issues worthy of our efforts. We hope that in your life, as long as you have an unconscious simple action, you can easily do this and contribute to our future generations. LOHAS integrates the concepts of health, environmental protection ,and sustainable management into every product of the company. Every time we contact you, we will be able to change the world.

Lohas studio On-site registration :No.147, Zhongzheng Rd., North Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Lohas studio Tel:03-5241982(+886 3 524-1982)
Lohas studio reservation on-line:
Lohas website:
After-sales service information:

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