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Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions about online worship at Grace Covenant.  The survey is completely anonymous.  However, you are welcome to include contact information if you are willing to have the Worship Committee contact you about suggestions you have for improving our online services.
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Do you worship online at Grace Covenant?  If yes, how often?
Do you usually worship online on Sunday morning?  If not, when do you worship online?
Do other members of your household worship online with you?  How many?
Why do you worship online? (e.g..COVID-19, lack of transportation, travel, convenience, prefer, etc.)
What kind of device do you use to worship online? (e.g.. phone, tablet, laptop, desktop)
D you usually stay online for the whole service?  If not, what part(s) of the service are you online for?
What do you like about Grace Covenant's online service?
How do you think Grace Covenant's online services could be improved?
(OPTIONAL) if you would be willing to talk with a member of the Worship Committee, please include your name and contact information.  Thank you
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