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The Institute for Social and Emotional Learning - Financial Aid Application
Thank you for your interest in an IFSEL Program!

We are excited to welcome educators from all over the world into our community where we share our SEL lessons, research, innovation, and community-building practices. We have limited funds to offer participants who need Financial Assistance. Our goal is to distribute Financial Aid in a fair manner that supports teachers' professional development and renewal while maximizing impact to teachers and students, especially in public schools and underserved communities.

Notification of Financial Aid awards will occur mid-March.  After that date we will accept and assess applications on a rolling basis.

Please note that IFSEL requires some level of financial commitment from all participants/schools.  

If you have questions, please email us at

We look forward to reading your Application!

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What level of financial support are you requesting? Please note that IFSEL requires some level of financial commitment from all participants/schools. *
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Please explain your reasons for wanting to attend our program(s). What are your goals and hopes for yourself and the students you serve? *
Please tell us more about your school and your position. In particular, describe the impact that you hope this training will have on the students and teachers in your organization. Please include numbers of students and/or teachers that you hope will be reached and how that will happen. (For example: Will you be teaching classes directly to students? Will you be counseling students? Will you lead professional development workshops for teachers?) *
Please let us know anything else that you think we should be aware of in making a decision about supporting you financially to attend our program(s). *
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