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Biochar project registration.
This form is for individuals or organisations aspiring to generate Carbon credits (C-sink certificates). from biochar production and application. This form helps us understand the context of your project. Once registration is complete, a Planboo representative will contact you. 
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Email *
Contact Information
Please provide the contact information of  the person responsible for this project.
First and last name *
Phone Number
Job Title 
Company information 
If you a representing a company, please provide Information on the institution/company responsible for this project.
Name of the institution/company
Website URL
Registration number and address
Biochar Project information 
Please provide information on the biochar project you are registering for. 
What is your project's name?  *
What country is your project based in?
What region is your project based in?
(eg. Southern Province)
Please give an introduction to your project. *
Lifecycle stage, who's involved, your timeline, the project scope and its environmental and social impact.
Biomass Information. 
Please provide Information on the biomass (biological mass) used for biochar production.
What type of biomass? *
What type of biomass does your project have access to as a feedstock for biochar production?
(e.g. Bamboo - Dendrocalamus asper, cinnamon sticks, coconut shells)
Biomass availability  *
How much biomass is available for biochar feedstock per year? (tonnes or m3) 
If you are unable to provide an estimated write -  UNKNOWN.

What was the former use of the biomass? (eg. left in field to rot, used for firewood, etc)


What is the potential scaleability of the project? After establishing a successful pilot, will it be possible to 10x the project (based on wider availability of biomass)? Where do you see the project in five years?

Project / Biochar production information
Please provide project information and details of the biochar production site. 

Is the project currently producing biochar? 

If yes, how many m3 or litres are produced in a year?
If not, answer No. 

What type of pyrolysis equipment (kiln) will the project use?
(e.g. Kontiki kiln -1000L)
Does the project have access to compost or other organic nutrients to mix with biochar? *
If yes, please describe the components and quantities.
If not, answer No. 
How will the biochar be used? 
Describe how the biochar will be used -  will the project apply it to its land, or will it be sold and distributed? Include the local value for biochar, if there is one. 
What is your vision for your project? and what are some factors that could interfere with this vision? (e.g. lack of people engagement, lack of finances, etc.)  *
Financial modelling 
To understand the financial feasibility of the project, we request a few figures. Eventually we will require much more detailed inforomation.
What is the cost of your biomass per ton? (If you don't know, please explain why not.)
(e.g. The biomass is free, but transportation costs are about $30 per ton)
What is the cost of your manure or per ton? (Biochar needs to be "charged" by mixing it with something.) *
(e.g. We buy chicken manure for $25 per ton. 
Or: Our liquid fertilizer costs about $10 to mix for each ton of biochar. )
What is the daily wage rate in your country/region? *
(e.g. $15 per day.)
How much do expect to sell the mixed biochar for, or what value do you have for it? *
(e.g. Local farmers will pay $200 per ton for high quality biochar. 
Or: We will use the biochar on our own plantation, and to us it is worth $150 per ton.)
Thank you for registering your project; a Planboo representative will contact you as soon as possible. 
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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