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Grady High School Course REQUESTS for the 2019-2020 School Year: If you are not sure about what to choose, just select the option that allows the counselor to make the choices based on your transcript/previous courses.

- Email if you have questions or concerns.

- BY THE WAY, YOU ARE ABLE TO USE THIS FORM TO REQUEST AP CLASSES. GO FOR IT!!! Remember, they are first-come-first-served, so once they are full, that's it.

- Please understand that the courses you select are REQUESTS. There is NO WAY to guarantee that you will get EVERY course you request. We have to consider state class size regulations, the number of teachers we have, the number of students requesting a course, graduation requirements, etc.

- WE ARE NOT MAKING SWEEPING SCHEDULE CHANGES ONCE SCHOOL BEGINS IN AUGUST. Once schedules go "live" in Infinite Campus at the end of July, students will not be able to request changes. If you do not submit this information, you are giving us permission to design your schedule based solely on what graduation requirements you have and what courses have space left in them.

- THERE IS A SMALL GROUP OF STUDENTS ELIGIBLE TO TAKE CLASSES NOT GENERALLY TAKEN AT THEIR GRADE LEVELS. (Again, this is only for a SMALL group of eligible students.) If you took high school classes such as Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, High School Language Arts, etc. in middle school or over the summer, you may be on an accelerated track so that you have the pre-requsites to take AP classes not generally taken/approved at your grade level. For example, you may have taken Algebra II and Pre-Calculus in middle school so that you are able to take AP Calculus in the 9th or 10th grade. You may have taken 9th grade ELA in the 8th grade so that you can take 11th grade AP Language/Composition in the 10th grade. OR you may have taken enough high school math so that you can take courses like AP Biology or AP Physics in the 10th grade. If you want to change a core class listed in this form, just request to change the recommendation. There is a space at the end of the online form that will allow you to tell us what changes you are requesting.

- POLICY FOR REQUESTING HONORS COURSES: ONLY STUDENTS WHO HAVE AN 85 OR HIGHER CUMULATIVE AVERAGE (based only on the high school transcript) IN A PARTICULAR COURSE CAN BE CONSIDERED FOR PLACEMENT IN AN HONORS COURSE (IN THAT SAME SUBJECT AREA) FOR THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR. For example, a student in 9th Grade ELA who has an 85 or higher at the end of semester one [December] is eligible to request HONORS 10th Grade ELA. Current 10th and 11th graders need a cumulative average of 85 or higher in order to be considered for placement in an honors level course. In other words, we will look at ALL of your previous high school grades in that area when we consider your request(s) for honors placement.


- LOOK OUT FOR HUMAN ERRORS. There is a place at the end of this electronic form for you to tell us anything that you need us to know. DON'T WRITE AN ESSAY. If it's too long, we can't read it immediately. Your application will be delayed. Sorry. For example, you may need to say things such as - 1) "I signed up for AP Micro Econ as my 3rd choice, but it is not listed on my form;" 2)" I transferred from another school, and none of the science choices for my grade level are correct." We will make the corrections as needed.


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