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Green Gilbert
Gilbert’s Environmental Services Division is working with students from ASU's School of Sustainability to assist in our “Green Gilbert” initiative by making Gilbert’s current bulk waste collection service more sustainable and cost efficient. Please help us by answering the following questions:
How many BULK services by waste type do you utilize in a calendar year? *
Every other month
Every 6 months
Green Waste (i.e yard debris, trimmings)
Metal (i.e. bed frames, barbecue grills, patio furniture
Electronic waste (i.e computers, printers, monitors, telephones)
Furniture (i.e sofas, patio chairs/tables, mattresses)
How interested are you in additional Town wide recycling programs (green environment) *
Not Interested
Very Interested
How willing would you be to drop off your green waste or bulk waste at a facility? *
Not willing
Very willing
Are there any particular programs you would like to see as part of your bulk pickup service? *
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