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Interfuse Mutant Vehicle Registration
Anyone wanting to bring a Mutant Vehicle to Interfuse must apply through the Department of Mutant Vehicles by filling out this form.
First Name (Owner)
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Last Name
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Burner Name
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Email Address
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Phone Number
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Do you have a valid driver license?
Do you have motor vehicle insurance?
Please list names of any other drivers of your mutant vehicle.
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Do all other drivers have valid driver licenses?
Where will you be camping? (Camp name)
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What day are you planning on arriving?
What is the name of your mutant vehicle?
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Please provide a brief description of your mutant vehicle.
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Does your vehicle have night lighting?
Does your vehicle have amplified sound?
Does your vehicle have flame effects?
Which criteria does your vehicle meet for Mutant Vehicle status? (Must meet AT LEAST two to qualify.)
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