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InterFuse Mutant Vehicle Registration
Anyone wanting to bring a Mutant Vehicle to Interfuse must apply through the Department of Mutant Vehicles by filling out this form.
First Name (Owner) *
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Last Name *
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Burner Name
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Email Address *
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Phone Number *
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Do you have a valid driver license? *
Do you have motor vehicle insurance? *
Please list names of any other drivers of your mutant vehicle. *
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Do all other drivers have valid driver licenses? *
Where will you be camping? (Camp name)
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What day are you planning on arriving?
What is the name of your mutant vehicle? *
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Please provide a brief description of your mutant vehicle. *
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Does your vehicle have night lighting? *
Does your vehicle have amplified sound? If so, you must register it with the Sound Marshals. *
Does your vehicle have flame effects? If so, you must register it with FAST. *
Which criteria does your vehicle meet for Mutant Vehicle status? (Must meet AT LEAST two to qualify.) *
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