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Is your parish doing enough to support addiction recovery?
To help recovering addicts, parishes need to do more than rent out their rec room.

Tim Flanigan writes, "Pope Francis has described the Catholic Church as a field hospital for the wounded. As Christians we need to proclaim that God offers grace, mercy, everlasting love, and forgiveness to everyone—including those struggling with active addiction."


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1. My parish supports:
2. I am/know someone who has benefited from a 12-step program.
3. I am/know someone whose addiction recovery is deeply connected to faith.
4. Alcohol and/or drug addiction is a major issue where I live.
5. My parish has been affected by drug and/or alcohol addiction.
6. My parish makes a point to welcome recovering addicts.
7. Parishes need to do more to serve people struggling with addiction.
8. I don’t think the church should affiliate with AA/NA.
9. People with addictions should be referred to better resources than the church.
10. My parish allows AA/NA and other addiction recovery programs to use church space for meetings:
11. AA/NA and 12-step programs have things to teach us about God’s mercy.
12. I worry that programs like AA/NA will take resources from other parish programs.
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