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Brentwood Homeowners Association Board Application Form
Thank you for your interest.  Please read the following requirements for applying to become a board member. You can email us at if you have any questions. 
  1. All applicants for a position on the Board of Directors shall be a paid member in good standing for six months prior to applying to become a director; 
  2. The applicant shall submit an application and resume to the Nominating Committee stating their interest; 
  3. Any conflicts or potential conflicts of interest will be disclosed on the application as well as during the interview; 
  4. All applicants shall be interviewed by the Nominating Committee, which will be appointed by the President and consist only of Board of Directors; 
  5. The applicant shall attend a minimum of four meetings before submitting his or her application; 
  6. The applicant shall also work with two Board members on a project assigned by the Nominating Committee.
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