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BSidesCharm 2016 Event Evaluation
Please take a few minutes and provide feedback from your experience at BSidesCharm 2016!

If you have any concerns that you would like to discuss directly with the lead organizers, email info @

What days did you attend?
What activities did you participate in?
Overall Conference Value to You
One of the best
Needs a lot of help
What suggestions would you have for a venue?
Perfect for next year, or should we make some changes?
Your answer
Talk Variety
Was there variety to hit your interests and learn new things outside your primary skills?
Overall feedback on talks
In choosing styles of talks, did we do well or should we try better next year?
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Overall feedback on Keynotes
Keynotes are more than regular talks. They inspire us, entertain us, show us a world we didn't know existed, and provide unique insight from a view we've never had. How did we do?
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What price of admission would you support?
What is the value for your experience this year?
On-line Registration (Ticket Purchasing)
On-Site Badge Pickup
Quick and orderly
Too many delays or errors
Printed book
Easy to find correct information
Confusing or had errors
Clean, orderly, and updated
Difficult to use to find information
Official Party
8 - 10 PM at Pratt St Ale House
Great food and fun!
I quickly left!
Very impressive
Throwing mine away
Were they engaging? Did you enjoy their handouts? Were too many not relevant to your ideas or not engaging?
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CTFs, Training, Villages, and Workshops feedback
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Would you return next year?
What days would you prefer?
Additional comments
Anything else to note? Give us a low score on items above? Please tell us why so we can improve.
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Tell us about yourself
Where did you travel from?
Years of industry experience
What is your specific field of interest?
Pen testing, incident response, malware analysis, etc
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