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Five Minutes for Five Points!
The Five Points CAC (Citizens Advisory Council) leadership team proposes hosting an informational event in mid-September and seeks your experience, expertise and input as the planning process begins. Would you be willing to answer a few brief questions?

We'd love to hear from you and encourage you to submit your thoughts on this five minutes survey by the end of June. You may also share the survey link with neighbors or friends who might have missed it. Thank you in advance!

Please help us plan by completing a brief survey that should take under five minutes to complete. Below is the essential 411 on the event we envision.
Who? All ages, everyone living in or owning/managing a business in the Five Points area, plus City Council current members and candidates.

Where? Someplace centrally located in Five Points area, to be announced at a later date.

Why? To provide you an opportunity to meet new neighbors, to get engaged in CAC and community activities, and to learn more about what's going on in the Five Points area, the larger community and the City of Raleigh (with maybe a smattering of Five Points history).

How can you help? Your replies to this quick survey will help us bring you a great event. Feel free to submit an anonymous survey or to include your name and contact information at the end of the survey. You may answer one question, just some of them, or all of them. If you are interested in volunteering, please be sure to include your name and contact information.

Please be specific. For example, if you write that the CAC needs to use more technology - please tell us what that means to you. Technology can be anything from the printing press to virtual reality - but we don't know unless you write it down.

We'd appreciate a response by June 15 if possible. Thank you in advance for taking time to share your ideas!

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If the CAC hosts an event, how likely is it that you (friends/family) would attend?
Which date do you prefer? [Currently, Raleigh event web sites indicate most festivals and major events are scheduled for later in September or early October.]
What time of day do you prefer?
Which food option do you prefer?
What kinds of information would be of interest to you at the CAC event or at future CAC meetings or functions? Check as many as apply to you.
Do you have access to resources you could potentially donate to ensure the success of the event? Decorations, an event space, florals, food, entertainment, beverages, gift certificates for a raffle? If so, please provide specifics.
Your answer
Are you willing (and available over the summer) to participate on the event planning committee? If you'd like to help, be sure to provide your name, phone # and email address below or at the end of this survey.
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Are you submitting a survey for yourself or for yourself and others living in your household?
How many people are in your household?
How long have you lived in Raleigh?
How long have you lived in the Five Points area?
Are there any special accommodations that would make it easier for you to attend this event? Would transportation assistance be useful?
Your answer
Any other ideas that don't fit anywhere else on the survey?
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Your Five Points CAC Neighborhood or Subdivision
Do you have thoughts on where to share this survey? We posted on CAC Yahoo Group, Next Door, CAC Facebook Page, Five Points Facebook Page, Five Points Moms n Dads Yahoo Group, Twitter, and to various neighborhood lists. Where else do you suggest? Please be specific. Also, please forward the survey to nearby neighbors - or print and hand them a paper copy if you like - to ensure no one misses it. Thank you!
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Your name? Feel free to include names of others in your household or group if you are answering for yourself and others. If you prefer anonymity, that's ok too.
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Mobile phone
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Home phone
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Thank you for participating! Do you have anything to add that we forgot to ask? Thank you again!
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