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N3T - Road Inspection Questionnaire
Survey for road authorities and road maintenance contractors
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N3T - Road Safety and Road Inspection Solutions
​Managing road assets: ​What are key challenges you need to solve?
Less important/Easy
More important/ Difficult
​Managing materials
​Managing people
​Reporting and compliancy
​Auditing the completed work
​Road Inspection
​ Finding the right tools
​Getting people to use the tools efficiently
Better decision making based on data
How often do you need to analyze the data? *
What decisions do you need to draw from this data?
What are key decisions you need to make: daily, weekly, monthly?
people allocation
material allocation
vehicle allocation
budget allocation
prioritise reporting & compliance
What tools do you use at present? *
What information do you best like to use to make better road asset management decisions? What visualisation tools would assist you? Please include wish list or references.
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How many kilometres does your inspection fleet travel on average per year?
What cost savings do you aim to achieve? *
How many staff are working in road maintenance and road inspection?
less than five
less than ten
less than twenty
over a hundred
Road Maintenance
Road Inspection
QA of the above
Auditing the above
Would you like N3T to assist you to identify your needs/requirements? *
not interested
Provide information on N3T Road Inspector
Arrange for demo
Run an interactive workshop with your team to determine your needs
Please include any other comment on what will enable you to make better road asset management decisions. *
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