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Energy Efficiency to Mitigate Climate Change and Ocean Acidification (EECCOA) 2019-2020 Program "Teacher Application"
EECCOA is a project-based science education program of the MERITO Foundation that provides energy, climate and ocean literacy to 8th – 12th grade teachers and their students aligned to Next Generation of Science Standards. EECCOA empowers students to address climate change and ocean acidification by providing them the tools to research, design and innovate Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, or Waste Reduction practices in their schools can adopt, or develop outreach/public campaigns that inform their communities or advocate for changes in policies through the EECCOA Challenge. All services and products are provided for free with the sponsorship of NOAA B-WET. You can learn more about the EECCOA Challenge at
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Can you commit to help us by administering to your students an online pre and post-program evaluations survey we will provide? (customized to the EECCOA lesson plans of your choice) *
Can you commit to teach a minimum of 10 EECCOA lesson plans during the current school year? *
We will provide you with 25 lesson plans to choose from, each lesson plan requires 50 to 150 minutes of instruction
Can you commit to direct your students to enter the EECCOA Challenge and guide them during project proposal development? *
The students will need to work in teams of 3-5 students and design project proposals or models (in some cases implement) that can reduce the environmental footprint of their school campus or advocate for changing or creating policy at a local level. Reducing environmental footprint can done by reducing the use of electricity or water of the school campus, reducing waste production, or by proposing policies individuals or corporations can adopt to mitigate an issue in the community. We will provide project guidelines, on line resources, partners’ contacts, and help during campus assessments. Authors of top 1st, 2nd and 3rd proposals will receive cash prizes and up to 2 schools can receive sponsorship of project implementation.
Would you motivate your students to present their authored project to peers and attend the EECCOA Challenge Award Ceremony? *
The EECCOA Challenge Award Ceremony is a 3 hours event in spring 2020 to be scheduled during the fall 2019 professional development workshop
Acceptance to the 2019-2020 school year of EECCOA Program include:
1. Teachers new to the program will participate in 3 days of professional development workshops (fist two days on Sep. 19-20, 2019) and one day in January 31, 2020 (location TBD). Returning teachers will commit to participate in two days of the training (Preferentially Sept. 19&20, 2019). The Sept. 19&20 workshop will take place tentatively at CSUCI Research Station at Santa Rosa Island and on board NOAA R/V the Shearwater. Expert guest speakers will provide demonstrations and lectures about on-going research).

2. Participating teachers will receive $750 in stipend for teaching 10 lesson plans (from at least 2 chapters), guiding students in their EECCOA Challenge projects, administering students pre and post program evaluation surveys, and participating in MERITO Fnd and NOAA B-WET evaluaiton survey. Stipend will be disbursed directly to each teacher.

3. Up to $500 in sponsorship for students' bus transportation to EECCOA science field experiences.

4. Assistance in class/school to perform energy, water or waste assessments.

5. Assistance to students to elaborate their project proposals

6. Team authors of the top 10-12 projects will receive cash prizes during the 2020 EECCOA Challenge Award Ceremony, and one or two schools will be selected to receive seed funding to implement students' most cost-effective proposals.
I hereby agree to attend the two days (as a returning teacher), or three days (new to program) teachers' training workshop. I agree to teach the minimum of 10 in-class lesson plans to my students during the 2019-2020 school year. I will administer student pre and post program evaluations and take the educators pre and post program surveys to allow MERITO Foundation and NOAA B-WET to assess the programs effectiveness. I agree to guide and motivate my students to collect data in the field following the data collection protocols I will be instructed to use. I agree to motivate and guide my students to enter the EECCOA Challenge and design project proposals by providing them the EECCOA tools furnished by the MERITO Foundation, insuring they work in teams of 3-5 students and make the proposal an end of school year science assignment. If after I submit this application I decide not to participate in the workshop I will notify MERITO Foundation by August 18, 2019.
We will acknowledge your application within 72 hours (Monday - Friday).
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