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Mentee Bucket Calf Application
Please fill out all questions.  If you have any questions, contact Paige Kuntschik or Renee Rathmann.
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Is there a specific high school student in Gonzales County 4-H or FFA that you like to be the mentor for your child? If so who? *Cannot be an older sibling or anyone living in the same household* *
Do you feel your child is ready to take on the responsibility, and will you have the time to help them? *
Do you have facilities in Gonzales County available where a calf will be able to be taken care of? *
What is the address of the facility where the calf will be taken care of? *
Have you read over the rules and requirements of having a Bucket Calf and understand, agree, and will follow them? *
Do you give consent that your child's name and/or pictures be posted to social media or in print? *
Expected child's shirt size in March?  *
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