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Collecting money making guides feedback
This guide is to give feedback on the current collecting money making guides on the wiki - a full list of the guides we are reviewing can be found on the project page here:

If you help out the One Small Wiki Favour task to review these guides then you may be able to claim some gp or a bond for your work! Please make sure that you fill in this form as fully as you can to earn your reward!

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What method did you test? *
If you are testing a guide which has multiple methods please remember to explain which you used
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Please state how many of each output item you obtained in one hour: *
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How long did it take for the items obtained from the method to sell at the GE price? *
If you were not able to sell some or all of the items produced, please state which items you were not able to sell:
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Are there any improvements that you can suggest to improve the quality of the current guide or to make the method more effective?
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