Online registration for the conference on 24th - 29th of October in Kyiv, Ukraine
About the project:

The project aims to raise awareness about the culture of both countries and to provide project participants with additional knowledge that will foster the development of more effective dialogue and cooperation with young people both within and outside the regions. This will strengthen the intercultural dialogue, which will lead to the implementation of future joint projects and will promote the mobility of teachers, civic activists, youth workers and young people in general.

Information about the conference:

Date: 24th - 29th of October, 2018
Place: Kyiv, Ukraine
Number of participants from Lithuania: 12 (6 female / 6 female)
Number of participants from Ukraine: 12 (6 female / 6 male)
Participants age: from 19 to 35

Accommodation, food and travel expenses will be funded by the organizers for each participant.

Travel information:

Participants from Lithuania must buy the tickets from their own funds (up to 130 euros). The organizers will cover travel expenses later.

The organizers will select people who will have the most experience about youth work and youth policy in Lithuania.

The online registration form is available to candidates by October 2nd, the organizers will contact the selected participants by October 3rd.

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