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OSBS Elite Membership Form
Thank you for your interest in being a member of OSBS Elite. OSBS Elite is a paid-membership platform for women entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, network, learn and grow. This is one of the best decisions you will ever make for you to succeed in business and prosper in life. Kindly fill the information below after you have made your payment. Please note: You must be active on WhatsApp to be a member. For benefits information, please visit our website at Thank you!
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Our membership requires quarterly and annual meetings and conferences. Would you be available if you are aware of dates ahead of time? *
Our membership requires moral support of one another. Would you be willing to lend your support to other members? *
Our membership requires that you share other members post on social media to reach a wider audience. Would you be willing to share other members post on social media? *
Our membership requires that you do not force or coerce group members to join your networking marketing. Is that okay by you? *
Our membership requires that you do not add other group members to your own personal group unless you ask for individual permission. Is that okay by you? *
Our membership requires you pay your dues in advance biannually or annually. Do you agree to making PAYMENTS as at when due? *
Do you agree to always provide exceptional products/service to your customers and the ones we refer to you? *
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