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Venue Safety Check
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Playing surface OK to start
Are the weather conditions OK for play to start? Has all visible debris been removed from the field? Are all sprinkler covers intact and level with the field? Are the perimeter fences and/or signs in a safe state? Are all boundary markers (lines, ropes, cones, etc) at least 3 metres from any possible source of harm, such as fencing, concrete, trees, buildings, etc? Are the game format and ground markings aligned with the competition guidelines? Are the public areas (e.g. seating and walkways) in a safe state? Are the player’s areas (e.g. changing rooms) in a safe state? Is medical assistance (e.g. first aid kit, qualified people and ice) at the ground and accessible? Are shaded areas, sunscreen and clean drinking water available? Are there any areas not in a satisfactory state for play to start?
If you are not able to say "Yes" to all of the questions listed before, please provide details of issues.Your answer
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Details of any actions taken to address safety concerns
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Terms & Conditions I declare that I am authorised to complete this form. I declare that the following statements are correct: A. The check was completed prior to the game commencing. B. All hazards, risks and safety concerns have been addressed to an acceptable level and recorded on this form. C.Both teams and umpire(s) are satisfied that the playing conditions, surfaces and facilities are acceptable for play to start. *
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