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Personal Statement
Cumberland University admits those applicants whose ability, training, motivation, and interests indicate that they will succeed in college course work.

For students who do not meet the minimum admission requirements to the University or the requirements of a particular program, the University will require the student to complete a personal statement. Written by the student, the personal statement will indicate why the student would like to attend Cumberland University, would help contribute to a diverse student body, and measures the student will take to be successful academically at the University.

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This can be found on your student portal or in the email requesting you submit the personal statement. (Example: A0000012345)
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In 750 words or less, the student should show evidence of self assessment, an explanation of how the candidate deals with adversity, long-range goals, discussion of community involvement, special interests or abilities, leadership, and support structures that will enhance the potential for success at Cumberland University.
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Emergency Contact
The University is required to have an emergency contact on file for applicants. Please provide or update your given contact below.
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