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Personal Statement
Cumberland University admits those applicants whose ability, training, motivation, and interests indicate that they will succeed in college course work.

For students who do not meet the minimum admission requirements to the University or the requirements of a particular program, the University will require the student to complete a personal resilience questionnaire and statement. Completed by the student, the completed survey with statement will indicate why the student would like to attend Cumberland University, would help contribute to a diverse student body, and measure how potentially resilient the student will be in the Cumberland environment.
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Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale 25
The questions below will help us assess how resilient you are when facing challenges.

For each item, select the answer that best indicates how much you agree with the following statements as they apply to you over the last month. If a particular situation has not occurred recently, answer according to how you would have felt.
Question 1 *
I am able to adapt when changes occur.
Question 2 *
I have at least one close and secure relationship that helps me when I am stressed.
Question 3 *
When there are no clear solutions to my problems, sometimes fate or God can help.
Question 4 *
I can deal with whatever comes my way.
Question 5 *
Past successes give me confidence in dealing with new challenges and difficulties.
Question 6 *
I try to see the humorous side of things when I am faced with problems.
Question 7 *
Having to cope with stress can make me stronger.
Question 8 *
I tend to bounce back after illness, injury, or other hardships.
Question 9 *
Good or bad, I believe that most things happen for a reason.
Question 10 *
I give my best effort no matter what the outcome may be.
Question 11
I believe I can achieve my goals, even if there are obstacles.
Question 12 *
Even when things look hopeless, I don't give up.
Question 13 *
During times of stress/crisis, I know where to turn for help.
Question 14 *
Under pressure, I stay focused and think clearly.
Question 15 *
I prefer to take the lead in solving problems rather than letting others make all of the decisions.
Question 16 *
I am not easily discouraged by failure.
Question 17 *
I think of myself as a strong person when dealing with life's challenges and difficulties.
Question 18 *
I can make unpopular or difficult decisions that affect other people, if it is necessary.
Question 19 *
I am able to handle unpleasant or painful feelings like sadness, fear, and anger.
Question 20 *
In dealing with life's problems, sometimes you have to act on a hunch without knowing why.
Question 21 *
I have a strong sense of purpose in life.
Question 22 *
I feel in control of my life.
Question 23 *
I like challenges.
Question 24 *
I work to attain my goals no matter what the road blocks I encounter along the way.
Question 25 *
I take pride in my achievements.
Statement *
Please share with the committee why you should be accepted into Cumberland? Please address the reasons why you struggled in the classroom, on an ACT/SAT test examination, and how you plan to overcome these obstacles at Cumberland.
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