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Cosplay Commission Enquiry Form
The use of this form is to request a quote for the commission of a custom cosplay/fursuit accessory from FishPish Studios. You will not be added to a mailing list, nor will your information be passed onto other companies.

By submitting this form you are confirming you have read our policies, viewed the portfolio and store and confirm that the style of stock we make is suitable for your needs.

In order to receive a quote, you must be;
❀ able to pay digitally through Paypal or via Card via the FishPish website
❀ over the age of 18

Please note;
❀ All quotes are provided in GBP(£) only
❀ Not every request receives a quote, but every request will receive a response as long as the email provided is valid. If you have requested something we simply cannot make, either due to limits of skill or time, we will let you know.
❀ Quoting takes time, sometimes an hour or two, as such it is requested that you only fill out this form if you are serious about buying a custom item and understand that the price will be higher than similar items advertised in store. Please also fill it out with the correct information.
❀ All quotes are valid for one (1) month only from date of receiving, unless otherwise stated.
❀ All responses are sent via email, please make sure that you can receive emails from "" addresses.

All our products are made with fabric and polyester stuffing (excluding headband ears), we cannot create items that include molded or carved foam, plastic, sheet metal, resin or electronics.

❀❀ FishPish Studios are within their right to refuse quoting a request without a reason needing to be given ❀❀

It is important that you can accept emails from the extension, otherwise you may miss your quote or any questions we may have regarding your commission enquiry. Especially if no other means of communication has been provided.
Email *
Name *
What Country will the Item will be shipped to? *
What Product are you Inquiring about? *
Please link an image reference to the creature or item you'd like made. Links must be SFW, and hosted on a reputable image sharing site. Please make sure to have viewed our portfolio to check our style suits your needs. Any references MUST include the design of the product you'd like made *
Please describe, as best you can, what the product is and how you'd like it to look. Please note our style is cartoony, if in doubt please check our portfolio.
Is there a deadline date for when you MUST receive it? If yes, enter below, if no, please ignore this question.
Preferred Size of Item in CM or Inches ONLY. This is the length of the tail from base to bottom of curve/tip or ears from head to ear tip (for example) *
Do you have a budget? *
If Yes, what is your budget? (Please include your currency)
Do you have a preferred Fabric Choice? *
Other Comments, please type here if you have anything else you'd like to add which you feel is important to the quote.
Please confirm that you are able to pay via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card through a digital invoice *
All commissions are available only to those over the age of 18, please confirm you are this age or over *
Commissions can only be of characters or items you have permission to reproduce. Please confirm you own this design *
I agree I have checked your portfolio and understand what style of product you offer *
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