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Eagle Therapies Forum Form
For those interested in signing up for the Eagle Therapies Forum. It's a brief questionnaire so you can participate at home as well as in person groups. It's also a good follow up for people who participate in the Fire Ceremonies and want to keep track of how their progress/personal development has been doing.
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What is the primary reason you want to sign up for the forums?
Do you hereby agree not to interpret anyone else's journey/shamanic healing unless they ask first?
How comfortable are you with technology?
I'm technologically handicapped! This is scary!
I'm good. Show me the basics and I got this.
If you need technology support, don't worry. There will be video tutorials.
When signing up, what would you like your username to be?
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For those joining from a distance - did you know there's a Patreon account? All Eagle Therapies events are run based off of donation, and donations help keep the events running. Patreon is a way to donate per month, almost as if you were coming to the events in real life. It also has rewards associated with it!
Are there any last minute comments you would like to share?
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