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活動時間 Activity time:8/26 Saturday 1-5 PM 星期六
活動地點 Location:活動場地另行通知 - 目前暫定郵政博物館十樓禮堂
Announce later - we may hold this activity at Postal Museum (Need to be confirmed)
活動聯絡人 Even Organizer:Anita Chen
艾摩爾 Ai(請直接用 FB 搜尋"艾摩爾“ Please search for "艾摩爾“ from FB)
活動報名截止日期 Register Deadline: 7/31

這個報名表是針對有招生需求的共學團體或個人所使用,若在學期開始,有招生需求的人/團體,且有興趣在八月份的 Last Friday 來推廣、分享,歡迎報名參加。我們提供一張桌子,由您個人或團體自行裝飾作為宣傳使用。每個團體/個人我們將酌收 NT200 作為分擔場租的費用。

This registration form is for the group/person who wants to promote a class that you have organized or some other service to home school families. We invite you to join Last Friday in August where many home school families will attend. We will provide the space and a table for the group/person. The registration deadline will be on 7/31. The registration fee will be NT200 per group/person in order to share the rental. If you have question, please feel free to contact me or Ai.

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團體/個人招生課程名稱 Name of the class:
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課程招生年級(年齡)Age/Grade range:
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主要聯絡人 Contact Person
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聯絡電話 Contact Number:
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了解每個參加的團體或個人將付 NT200 元作為分擔場租的費用。I understand I need to pay NT200 to share the rental.
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