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Socially Responsible Investing: Guiding Philosophy
Please CLICK the number that represents how much you agree or disagree with the following general statements about
socially responsible investing.
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1) My investments support the operations of the companies I invest in, so I want to make sure I invest in companies that behave in ways that I support.
2) I am generally more concerned about my portfolio’s alignment with my values than I am with anyone particular holding within my portfolio.
3) I believe that my investments should reflect my values, even if that means accepting a lower rate of return.
4) I believe that my portfolio should pursue the highest rate of return, even if some of my holdings will not reflect my social values.
5) Investing in companies that behave in ways I don't support is okay, as long as I have opportunities for shareholder advocacy available to try to 'influence such companies.
6) I want to participate in PIN's Shareholder Alert Program
7) I am interested in placing a small percent of my portfolio in Community Impact Investments that engage in community development, micro-credit lending and low income housing programs, even if it means accepting a below market rate of return.
What else should we know about your guiding philosophy?
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