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Tincher Development Systems: Candidate Application
This is your application to be part of Tincher Development Systems. Please have your resume and a brief teaching video ready to submit at the end of the application.
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Group Policies and Standards
Being a Tincher Instructor means adhering to group policies and standards. We believe in autonomy for instructors. We are not a franchise, but we also believe in checks and balances

Please read through the list of policies and standards and let us know if you can agree to these listed items.

Background checks will be completed on all candidates before final acceptance. There is a zero tolerance policy for sexual, verbal, mental or emotional inappropriateness between the students or parents and instructors.

Personal growth is the expectation. We expect instructors to take initiative in areas of personal growth and education, and also bring their findings to the group in an appropriate manner. Because we believe in a holistic model, we desire you to follow and present your passions. We believe that we can do better by learning together and acknowledging others talents and abilities.  

Competition amongst instructors is anticipated, but divisiveness and misrepresentation is not. We expect you to represent our group and our brand ethically. Recruiting another instructors players, speaking down about another instructor, or defaming their business reputation is unacceptable amongst our peers.

Development for both the instructor and the athlete requires commitment and longevity so we encourage you to keep a consistent caseload of athletes. We are seeking candidates who teach or will teach pitching on at least a part time year round basis.

If you believe you can adhere to our policies and procedures. Please send your resume to:
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