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Let's Help People , and also develop new skills. JOIN VSHR !
Are you tired of waiting so long in a public hospital? You feel bad for the patients who have to suffer serious illness in bad-condition rooms? Those things seem to be reminded everyday in newspaper but there is no one really do anything with this. Now, it’s time to work on it and improve it.

Join with us: VIETNAM HEALTHCARE REVOLUTION. We are a social organization aiming to to build a World Class Health Service Model in Vietnam - It's not a dream but it's our 'vision'. It's not a hope but it's our 'belief' - we are working to develop the world class health service model in Vietnam for Vietnamese people.

What are we working on at this stage 2 ?

The initiatives we are working on at present stage :
Building health awareness among Vietnamese people
Forming FREE medical advisory forum
Provide FREE Medical Telemedicine session for Vietnamese people with low income.
Anti Smoking Campaign
Nutrition Campaign.
FREE Health checkup for Students

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