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Researcher: Grainne McGinty.

This study is being conducted as part of a undergraduate dissertation through the School of Business at the Nation College of Ireland and is being supervised by Dr. Phillip Hyland (can be contacted at

You are invited to take part in a research survey about early-childhood life experiences and emotional regulation (The ability to diffuse strong emotions). The survey will also include a measure of general psychological well-being.
The aim of this research study is to investigate how early childhood experiences potentially influence these factors.

Participation requires a few minutes of your time and consists of a number of different questions regarding childhood experiences and how you deal with emotions. Questions will be asked about childhood friends, childhood adversity or difficulties and parental relationships. While the questions asked in the scales may carry some risk of causing emotional distress or negative emotions, they have been widely used in previous research. If you find yourself affected by any of the questions presented , contact details for appropriate support services and additional information will be available on the final page of this document.

**Participation is ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY and you are NOT OBLIGED to participate if you wish to withdraw from the study. Every response is completely CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS.*** Answers will be stored in a secure manner on a password protected computer. It is important that you understand that by completing the survey you are consenting to participate in this study.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
I am informed about the general nature of the proposed study and agree to participate voluntarily. *
I am over the Age of 18 and fully consent to participating in this research. *
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