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Cooking 2-8
Cooking Club 2-8
Club sponsors: J. Mentel
Grade level: 2-8
Fee: 55 zl (including all materials)
Students will learn how to cook a variety of different dishes, which they can eat! The grades 2-8 club includes activities suited to students in that age group.
The instructor, Joanna Mentel is the author of "Cook with your child," a children's culinary book in the form of game. She is also the founder of “Dzieciaki w Formie” and “Book me a Cookie”. Her mission is to instill good values in children regarding education of the culinary arts via fun activities that suit their interests. Ms. Mentel cooperates with some of the largest Polish publishers, .: Znak, Wydawnictwo Literackie, Agora, Nasza Księgarnia, Dwie Siostry. More information about her and her cooking companies can be found on Facebook:
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