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Country: North America includes Canada, USA and Mexico.
Geographic Range: Describe the geographic range (state; region; county; park) of your project. Intensive collecting in a local park or county is preferred, especially for beginners. (You may need a permit.).
Taxon: Projects can also be focused on a taxon -- ex: Amanita of Missouri.
Please check the Project Map to make sure your project does not overlap with an existing one. If it does, try collaborating with the existing project.
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Goals: What are your primary goals for participation in this project?
Motivation: What got you into fungi?
Experience: What is your experience with mushrooms and mycology?
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Sponsored? Will this project be sponsored by a mycological society or other organization, or is it an Individual project?
NAMA affiliated club: Is your club or are you a member of the North American Mycological Association; which club?
Explored collaboration? If this is not a sponsored project, have you discussed the potential for collaboration with your local mycological society?
Number of People: How many people will be working on this project?
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NAMA affiliated club?
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Vouchers: Does your club already collect, dry & store voucher specimens? If so, about how many per year do you process?
Fungarium: Do you currently have a relationship with a fungarium/herbarium to store specimens? Is there a location you would prefer your specimens be stored? Projects without a place to store their specimens can use the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT).
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Sequencing Currently? Do you or your club already do DNA sequencing? If so, where?
Sequencing by NAMP? Do you intend to use NAMP sequencing services?
Sequencing Budget? Do you have a budget for sequencing specimens or do you intend to apply for grant funds? How many do you hope to sequence in this project? In what timeframe? Do you plan to apply for a grant to sequence those?
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Would you or anyone in your organization be interested in volunteering time to help with NAMP administration? This could include newsletter, tracking, bookkeeping, giving presentations or trainings, or other functions where you have skills and time. Please describe.
Volunteer how?
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Anything else?
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