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Step Up Nigeria's Membership Form

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Why you should become a Member
Becoming a member of Step Up Nigeria allows you to be part of a creative and dynamic team building bridges between government and citizens to tackle corruption and improve service delivery in Nigeria. We are on a mission to bring government and citizens together to create solutions for tackling corruption in the delivery of public goods and services. Jointly, we can help shape the future of Nigeria’s Youth in building a society with people of integrity.

 Networking
When you join Step Up Nigeria, you become instantly connected to a global network of peers including access to a local office location with events, forums, business opportunities, and collaborations with other members.

 Professionalism
Membership of a respected organization is seen as a plus by prospective employers. Your association with the brand sends the message that you are serious about tackling corruption and improving service delivery in Nigeria and opens doors for continuing professional development and learning opportunities.

 Education/Research
Membership will allow access to professional development such as courses, training, workshops, webinars, and a published periodical; all of which are designed to raise awareness of important issues facing Nigeria. It will provide beneficial tools, information, and resources to help you advance in your career and enrich your knowledge with learning resources.

Special Privileges
 Regular e-newsletter with insider information on upcoming projects and activities.
 Specially tailored publications, resources and offers.
 Discounted exhibition stands at events.
 Product discounts (books/training materials).
 Member-only consulting (For organizational membership only).
 Discounts at training and workshops with added benefits like merchandise certificates, and special badges.
 Helping you better serve your community by creating avenues to help address service delivery challenges.
(Terms & Conditions Apply)
The Types of Membership
Step Up Nigeria offers multiple membership types;

 Individual: Refers to membership of one individual, not necessarily of or from any organization but individuals who have a passion to see to it that Nigeria’s socio-economic development is not held back by corruption or poor governance.

 Professional: For professionals who have an interest in using social accountability actions and mechanisms to tackle corruption and improve service delivery.

 Organizational: For groups or organization(s). It will help to find professional development and leadership skill-building opportunities for staff.

 Family: Refers to membership of a family unit. This gives access to resources the family group can use in their different spheres, including; resources, networks, and events.

 Student: Refers to the membership of students who are interested in Step Up Nigeria's work for research purposes for their school work, or are interested in building partnerships with their schools towards anti-corruption education or solving service delivery challenges in their environment.
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