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Top Cat Entry - rings and seating
Belgrade Meow Fest
World Cat Federation Jubilee Show
January 12-13 2019, Belgrade Youth Centre, Serbia

Dear friend, thank you for registering on Top Cat. Now please choose rings, cages and seating in show hall.

You may also apply for rings on show. If you change your plans, please let us know. See you soon!

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Rings, Saturday
WCF Ring (kitten, neuter or adult) 10 € / Jubilee Ring 15 €
Rings, Sunday
Cage type *
Please choose one type of cages you will use for all your cats. Club cages are sanitized, and space for each cat is 60x60x60cm. Please bring dividers (60x60cm cloth or panel)
My soft cages
If you are bringing your own soft cages, please enter how many cages and width of each cage in cm
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Please note if you wish to be placed near friends - if possible
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Your message to show organiser - Club Le PETit
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