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Refugee Volunteer Organization Cohort Interest
Refugee Volunteer Organization is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit based in Portland, Oregon. We desire to empower volunteers to help refugees in every city with a large refugee population. You can learn more at or see an example of how we do this in Portland at Contact our media director, Tim Cowley, at with any questions.

Thanks for your interest in bringing RVO to your area! Please fill out the form below by answering what you can.

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What (if any) refugee-related organization do you work with as an employee or volunteer?
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Setting up an RVO site in a new region goes much better with a group of people working together. Who else do you know who can potentially help you in this project?
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Would you prefer to have help setting up an RVO website, or do you think you can find someone to help you with that?
As RVO expands to other areas, we believe it is important to show real, local names and organizations who are working to highlight local events and resources involving the refugee community. Can we have your permission to include your name and organization as a part of the local RVO cohort? As an example, see
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