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OSF Scholarship Application
Please fill out the following questions and submit when finished. A member of the Open Stories Foundation Team will contact you after submission. Our scholarship funds are first-come, first-served and are based on us receiving donations for that event, and ARE NOT guaranteed for all who apply.
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If you are accepted for a scholarship, and we have donor money available, we do require a $20 fee for workshops and a $40 fee for retreats. Would you be able to come up with this fee? *
We do require those on scholarship to help with assigned logistics during the event, and to write a thank you to the donor after the event. Are you willing to commit to both of these? *
Please briefly tell us why you're interested in attending this Open Stories Foundation workshop/retreat. *
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Please briefly describe where you are in your faith transition. *
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Because financial needs vary for attendees, please self-assess your need using the following scale. *
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