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Over 30 years of experience WESTERN has designed and developed variety of custom moulded and extruded rubber products for multiple industrial applications.

Our Products Include:- Wespoairseal™ (Inflatable seal), Wespoprene™ (Santoprene tubing), Wespo Silflex™ (Platinum hose with polyester braiding), Wespofkm™ (Fkm tubing), Wespo steelflex™ (Platinum hose with ss316 wore), Wesposoft™ Silicone sponge, Wesporing™ rubber o rings, Wespodia™ fabric reinforced diaphragm Wespo Metadect™ (Metal detectable silicone), Wespo vacflex™ (Platinum hose with wire & fabric), Wespoclamp™ (Tri clover gasket), Wespo highpress™ (Platinum hose with 2 ply fabric) , Wespoconnect™ (Silicone connector), Wespoplat™ (Platinum silicone tubing), Wespo static™ (Western static dissipative silicone), Wespotransil™
(Peroxide cured silicone tube)
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