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AP Survey
1. What grade level are you currently in?
2. Gender
3. Have you taken or are you currently taking an AP class?
4. If you have taken an AP class indicate which ones you have taken.
5. If you have not yet taken an AP Class would you be more likely to take one if you were offered a support period that could help you with the AP classes and the exam preparation?
6. If you are currently taking an AP Class would you be interested in an AP support class that could help with a variety of study skills needed to excel on the exams?
7.If you have taken an AP class, why did you choose to take it?
8. Have you ever dropped from an Advanced Placement class in which you were enrolled?
9. If you answered Yes to #8, select the choices that best explain why you dropped the Advanced Placement course:
10. If you plan on taking an AP course in the future, please indicate which ones you are interested/planning to take:
11. If you have taken AP exam(s) in the past do you generally believe that you have been well prepared?
12. From the choices listed below, rank the challenges you face in order to be successful in an Advanced Placement course:
Most Challenging
Very Challenging
Somewhat Challenging
Not Challenging
Column 5
Difficulty of the course content (Reading, Writing, Thinking levels)
Previous classes did not prepare me (difference between core/regular level, Honors level and AP expectations)
My own procrastination (time management skills)
My lack of organization (time, calendaring assignments, materials, notes, etc)
My own work ethic
Teaching style of the instructor
Dedicating the necessary time needed to study at the AP level
Learning to adjust to the expectations of an independent learner
13. If you have taken an AP class, please rate the following activities/components that you found most helpful.
Extremely helpful
Somewhat helpful
Not very helpful
Assigned readings
Class discussions
Communication with the teacher
Essay writing practice
Test prep practice books
Summer work
In class test prep activities
Student study sessions
14. Is there an AP class not currently offered at Nokomis that you would like to see added to the course offerings?
Your answer
15. What suggestions do you have that could help make the AP program at Nokomis more effective?
Your answer
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